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Explore our portfolio of products & solutions designed to improve the quality & efficiency of EEG reporting

Electroencephalography (EEG) measures electrical activity in the brain and is essential in the diagnostics of people with epilepsy seizures, disorders of consciousness, and altered cognitive functioning. The EEG signal has a high complexity, and the process of extracting clinically relevant features has traditionally been achieved by visual inspection of the recordings and reports designed in free text format. 

Free text in medical reporting is challenging as it induces variation in the descriptions and two physicians might describe the exact same finding in different wording and with a personal style. This can create a barrier between the expert, referring physician, and patients. Additionally, free text reporting makes information inaccessible for statistical analysis which would be of great interest for research- and educational purposes.

This is why Holberg EEG has developed hiSCORE & autoSCORE.
We offer standardization tools for EEG reporting, and innovative ai-based products to enhance reporting quality, efficiency, to improve patient care


hiSCORE is our intuitive software application building on the harmonized standard, SCORE. It aims to provide quality enhancements in your EEG reporting, improve the overall clinical workflow, and strengthen your educational- and research opportunities.



autoSCORE is a decision support software containing an ai algorithm that has been trained on 30 000 annotated EEGs. autoSCORE performs non-inferior to human experts when differentiating between normal & abnormal EEG recordings and sub-categorizing abnormal EEGs.



freeSCORE includes basic functionality for creating EEG reports utilizing the SCORE standard. In freeSCORE, all input and output are based on manual entries, without linkage to the EEG reader software. This is a great way of getting started with standardized EEG reporting.    



SCORE Educational Platform

The SCORE Educational Platform is an interactive web-based software where the user can create an EEG report and compare it with the report from an expert. Unlike textbooks and articles, the SCORE Educational Platform offers live examples of EEG studies and findings where you can create your own EEG report using SCORE, the new global reporting standard for EEG.

As an initiative to improve the quality of EEG assessment and reporting clinical practice, a SCORE task force was initiated with the support of the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology (IFCN) and the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) aiming to standardize EEG reporting. (SCORE - “Standardized Computer-Based Organized Reporting of EEG”). The SCORE consortium is an IFCN official task force and consists of more than 40 experts and key opinion leaders in various fields of EEG, covering Europe, the US, Canada, and Asia.  

The SCORE standard reached global consensus ultimo 2017 and was published in Clinical Neurophysiology as the new international guidelines for EEG descriptions and is both parts of the IFCN- and ILAE-endorsed guidelines. The world-leading EEG textbook Niedermeyer’s Encephalography has included a separate chapter on SCORE in the newest edition.

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