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The SCORE Standard
Standardized Computerbased Organized Reporting of EEG

The SCORE consortium is an IFCN official task force and consists of more than 40 experts and key opinion leaders in various fields of EEG, covering Europe, the US, Canada, and Asia.  

The target for the consortium has been to establish a computer-based system for EEG reporting and classification, where the physician can construct the report based on predefined terms and elements for each EEG feature as well as clinical phenomena. The SCORE group is led by Dr. Sándor Beniczky, and the accompanying peer-reviewed publication is available online in Epilepsia.

(Beniczki, Aurlien et al., 2013 Mar 18. doi: 10.1111/epi.12135).

IFCN supports the global SCORE consensus which has been published in Clinical Neurophysiology. IFCN has included SCORE in the revised EEG guidelines as well as their updated glossary. ​There is also a full chapter dedicated to the SCORE terminology and the SCORE EEG software in the 7th edition of Niedermeyer’s Electroencephalography.

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