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hiSCORE is a report- and database software for EEG.
It replaces free-text reporting and introduces computer-based classification based on the global guidelines SCORE


Hospitals & Clinics


hiSCORE is our intuitive software application building on the harmonized standard, SCORE. It aims to provide quality enhancements in your EEG reporting, improve the overall clinical workflow, and strengthen your educational- and research opportunities.


Electroencephalography (EEG) measures electrical activity in the brain and is essential in the diagnostics of people with epilepsy, disorders of consciousness, and altered cognitive functioning. The EEG signal has a high complexity, and the process of extracting clinically relevant features has traditionally been achieved by visual inspection of the recordings and reports designed in free text format. 

Free text in medical reporting is challenging as it induces variation in the descriptions and two physicians might describe the exact same finding in different wording and with a personal style. This can create a barrier between the expert, referring physician, and patients. Additionally, free text reporting makes information inaccessible for statistical analysis which would be of great interest for research and educational purposes.

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The SCORE standard has been endorsed by IFCN and ILAE. Reporting and classification is based on standardized terminology determined by the leading EEG expert. Now you can describe your EEGs like the experts.


hiSCORE generates a clean and clear report, based on predefined terms and classifications, which includes visualization on a head model. This will provide the referring physicians with a better understanding of the final report


hiSCORE guides the user to create an EEG report while still having full control of the findings. An implemented logic will only present you with the relevant options and features, and leave out irrelevant options.


The implemented bookmark functionality lets you connect your EEG descriptions in the hiSCORE application with the corresponding examples in the EEG. This is a unique feature that validates the assessment and lets you document your decisions.

The hiSCORE report- and database software is currently being integrated with the NeuroWorks EEG reader by Natus Medical.

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