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Developing intelligent software from uniquely structured brain data 

Holberg EEG has the world's most extensive collection of highly annotated EEG recordings and aims to disrupt the industry by developing intelligent software to automate EEG descriptions 

Holberg EEG offers standardization tools for EEG reporting and innovative ai- based products aiming to enhance reporting quality and efficiency. Our unique SCORE database is the foundation for our disruptive innovations, and we work globally to accelerate AI in healthcare through collaborations with the industry, academics, hospitals, and partners. Please get in touch to discuss how Holberg EEG can support your next project.


hiSCORE is our intuitive software application building on the harmonized standard, SCORE. It aims to provide quality enhancements in your EEG reporting, improve the overall clinical workflow, and strengthen your educational- and research opportunities.


autoSCORE is a decision support software containing an ai algorithm that has been trained on 30 000 annotated EEGs. autoSCORE performs non-inferior to human experts when differentiating between normal & abnormal EEG recordings and sub-categorizing abnormal EEGs.

The SCORE database has been collected from users of the hiSCORE software over a period of more than 10 years. The EEGs have been extensively labeled by board-certified neurophysiologists and contain significant metadata and link to the EEG report and findings. The SCORE database has been used to develop the autoSCORE decision support application, with proven results non-inferior to human experts. With our vision in mind, we will unite medical data and invite the industry, academics, hospitals, and partners to collaborate to develop new innovative tools to improve the value of care. Please get in touch to explore opportunities for data sharing and ai projects.   

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