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Start SCOREing your EEGs!

SCORE is the new international consensus on how to describe EEG recordings.

Holberg EEG has developed the SCORE EEG Premium Edition software that replaces free text EEG reporting and introduces systematic computer-based classification. 

Standardized Computer-based Organized Reporting of EEG

Easy-to-use report software that guides the user to design a standardized EEG report in just a few clicks, selecting predefined terms and definitions from the SCORE standard. 

Offers quality enhancements through standardised EEG interpretations and transparent communication of the result to the referral physician.

EEG reports and the separate findings will be stored locally in your hospital database. The data is easy accessible for research, hospital quality measures and educational presentations. 

Building on its database capabilities and multi-lingual support, SCORE EEG offer possibilities for sharing results in national and international databases.

The SCORE EEG Educational platform is a web-based interactive training platform for EEG. Create an EEG report and compare with an expert. Browse EEG findings and view real examples in the EEG reader. 

The SCORE EEG software can connect to your EEG reader and the hospitals Electronic Health Record system . This will optimize your workflow and contribute to cost reductions in the department. 

EEG measures electrical activity in the brain, and is essential in the diagnostics of people with epilepsy seizures, disorders of consciousness, and altered cognitive functioning. For many decades, EEG has been one of the most employed tests in adult and pediatric neurology, intensive care and psychiatry.


The electroencephalography (EEG) signal has a high complexity, and the process of extracting clinically relevant features has traditionally been achieved by visual analysis of the recordings and reporting of findings in free text format.

Free text reporting in medical reports is challenging as it induces variation with individual language and style. The information in the reports are also inaccessible for statistical analysis and research since this is hidden in the free text.

The SCORE EEG™ Premium Edition by Holberg EEG AS is an  EEG reporting and database software building on the new international consensus for describing EEG examinations (SCORE), and replaces free text reporting. 

By using SCORE EEG you will be able to classify and standardize your EEG report and at the same time store all report data in a hospital database.

SCORE EEG offers quality enhancements in your EEG reporting, improves the overall clinical workflow and strengthens your educational and research opportunities. 


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