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SCORE EEG™ Premium Edition



The SCORE EEG Premium Edition report- and database software can be set up with a direct link to your EEG system. 

The Linkage between the EEG reader and the SCORE EEG application allows for:

•    Automated transfer of patient demographics and EEG modulators.
•    Automated detection of Events listed in the EEG reader.
•    Create bookmark of findings in the EEG with the description in the SCORE EEG application.
•    Improved overview of findings and descriptions.
•    Improves educational aspect as descriptions are linked to your EEG recordings.

In order to SCORE your EEGs time efficiently and optimize for your clinical workflow, Holberg EEG recommend setting up a direct integration between SCORE EEG and your Electronic Health Record system (EHR).
Once a senior physician has signed off the EEG report, the comprehensive report is automatically transferred and immediately accessible in the EHR. 
The integration is based on a HL7 interface and can be provided by Holberg EEG as a separate module, and most  EHR-systems support HL7. 


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