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Readers and Languages



The Linkage between the EEG reader and the SCORE EEG application allows for:

•    Automated transfer of patient demographics and EEG modulators.
•    Automated detection of Events listed in the EEG reader.
•    Create bookmark of findings in the EEG with the description in the SCORE EEG application.
•    Improved overview of findings and descriptions.
•    Improves educational aspect as descriptions are linked to your EEG recordings.


The SCORE EEG Premium Edition is compatible with the following EEG Readers: 


o   Nervus NicoletOne

o   Micromed


Compatibility with additional EEG readers is under development. 

Please contact for updated status. 



SCORE EEG is a language independent software. Since all the information in the EEG report is structured, categorized and placed in a database, you can by a single click translate the software GUI and the EEG reports. This opens up new opportunities for sharing EEG results, and collaborate across boarders. Send your complex EEG study to an expert in another country and have the report returned in your own language. 

In multicultural countries and laboratories you are less dependent on you staffs local language skills, since they can create the report in their own language and upload to the Health Records system in the local language. 


Supported languages

  • English (UK

  • English (US)

  • Dutch

  • Georgian

  • Norwegian

  • Danish

  • Portuguese

  • Russian

  • Polish


Partially translated

  • Swedish

  • Italian

  • Spanish

  • Ukrainian

  • German

  • Chinese

  • Czech

  • Azerbaijani

  • Turkish

Are you missing your own language? Dont worry.

If you are willing to assist on the translation, we can have your local language implemented in SCORE EEG in no time!


For language inquiries, please contact: 

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