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Research & Industry

Holberg EEG is seeking partnerships with hospitals, researchers, and industrial institutions to utilize data and ai in new innovations

The SCORE database is the world's largest depository of structured, highly annotated EEGs.  The data has been collected from hospitals that have used our  SCORE software applications for more than 10 years.  Approximately 74,914 EEG records have been collected with 43,845 of the records being structured and labeled.


The structured and labeled records contain various metadata that has been collected from each patient during the EEG scanning process, including required information determined by the SCORE standard, medical diagnoses, medications, and other clinical data. 

We have validated the superior quality of the SCORE data through the development of the autoSCORE decision support application, which outperforms any similar applications on the market. We acknowledge that our data can also be of significant value to others, and want to get in touch with researchers, hospitals, and industrial partners to see how we can collaborate and innovate together. 

Please get in touch to explore opportunities for data sharing and AI projects.


autoSCORE is a decision support software containing an ai algorithm that has been trained on 30 000 annotated EEGs. autoSCORE performs non-inferior to human experts when differentiating between normal & abnormal EEG recordings and sub-categorizing abnormal EEGs.


how we developed autoSCORE

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