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autoSCORE is a decision-support software for electroencephalography.
The software performs non-inferior to human experts differentiating between normal & abnormal EEG recordings and sub-categorizing abnormal EEGs. 

Hospitals & Clinics

autoSCORE is a unique innovative decision support software that has been designed to improve the overall quality of EEG reading, directly integrated into the EEG and reader prepared for clinical implementation. autoSCORE performs non-inferior to human experts when differentiating between normal & abnormal EEG recordings and sub-categorizing abnormal EEGs. 


We have developed and validated a convolutional neural network model to distinguish abnormal from normal routine clinical EEGs and to classify abnormal EEGs into the major categories which are most relevant for decisions involving patient management: epileptiform-focal, epileptiform-generalized, non-epileptiform-focal, and non-epileptiform-diffuse abnormalities. We developed the AI model using 46 000 EEGs annotated by 17 experts. 


autoSCORE is a medical device and market cleared for EU. Market clearance for USA is pending.

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Holberg EEG AS 

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autoSCORE is directly integrated into the NeuroWorks system by Natus Medical. The autoSCORE results is visible in the patient study list. 


autoSCORE uses an AI model that achieves high accuracy in reading clinical EEGs, with an area under the operating characteristic s curve between 0.89 – 0.96 for the different categories of EEG abnormalities


The results from autoSCORE are displayed both in the patient list overview, and on a recording level output. By double clicking in a finding, you will see the location in the EEG


autoSCORE is designed to improve the overall quality of the EEG reviewing, and to reduce the time spent on EEG reviewing compared to manual annotations

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The autoSCORE decision support software is a Natus Medical exclusive application and will be release to market mid 2023. Please get in touch to learn more about autoSCORE or get in touch with your local Natus representative to get access to the product. autoSCORE is closely integrated into the NeuroWorks EEG reader user interface and provides great support evaluating your EEGs.



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