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Our EEG reporting software follows the international SCORE standard, the guideline for EEG descriptions. 

Our company is doing it's best to meet the future. We want all physicians/clinicians to be the greatest they can be at work and give the patients the best possible treatment and care. We believe we can contribute to this by "Uniting Medical Data".


Uniting Medical Data

EEG data: Holberg EEG possesses the world's largest depository of structured EEG recordings, and participate in multiple projects to develop new applications and improve patient care. 

Are you interested in EEG data?

Holberg EEG can give you access to the database. Please contact us and we'll provide you with more information. 


autoSCORE is an AI software. It provides an overview of the probability that EEG recordings and sections of EEG recordings include abnormalities, and which type(s) of abnormality they include. 

The doctor is required to review the EEG and exercise his/her clinical judgement to independently make a conclusion supporting or not supporting brain disease.


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hiSCORE is a standalone software that is intended to be used as an annotation tool to generate EEG reports of clinical studies.

The hiSCORE software is intended to generate a standardized and structured report of clinical EEG studies according to the international standard, SCORE (Standardized Computer based Organized Reporting of EEG). The software guides the user through the elements of building up the report and has built-in rules that help the user to stay consistent with the SCORE standard.


The software stores the reports as well as the structured selections building up the report and is thus both a report generating as well as an archiving tool.

hiSCORE is a tool that helps a user to generate diagnostic or prognostic reports of EEG studies.

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