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Connection Advice

Run Diagnostic Tool

If you are having problems connecting to the SCORE EEG Educational Platform, please download and run our Diagnostic Tool

Please ensure that the below mentioned system and network requirements are in place, for SCORE EEG educational platform to function as intended.

RDP(Remote Desktop Protocol) Client Version
RDP version 8.1 is available from Microsoft Windows 7 SP1. Lower versions of Microsoft Windows are not supported. Please update your RDP version from Windows update.

Internet Access
You need internet access as the RDP Client connects to SCORE EEG Educational Platform from your main network. If your internet is routed through a proxy, the RDP client will not be able to connect to our server since the RDP uses the main network and has no proxy settings.

Remote Desktop Access
The RDP client needs access to our servers, you need to provide access to port 443 (https) on these servers,
IP: for Europe users and
IP: for USA users 

Remote Desktop Latency
We recommend a latency of less than 120ms for best user experience.

For further assistance, please contact your IT support department and provide your IT department with this Help PDF document that describes how to resolve connection problems.

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